Business Performance

Business Performance Optimized

Silence the Noise allowing Leader Focus

Wrap Business Context around Organization

Strategic Organization Design

Analyze Data, Diagnose, Prescribe

Root Cause Analysis

Process Development

Leaders at all Levels

Expenditure Reduction

Continuous Improvement

Engage Employees to Change Agents


Analytics to Execution

Science Backed Data Collection Tools

Trending across all Internal Business Channels

Develop Company Specific LMS,

Conduct Workshops for Managers

Reduce Turn-Over

Increase Employee Productivity

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Assess Entire Organization

Implement Behavior Assessment

Implement Cognitive Assessment

Job Assessment and Job Targets

Predict Job Performance

Work with all Employees to Implement Change

Continuum of Success

Implement Continuous Improvement methodologies.

Leave behind tools for Continuum of Success.

Maintain close relationship to ensure processes continue to accelerate as designed.

Conduct Periodic Surveys to gauge Organization.

Conduct Workshops for all Employees.

Develop Training Programs.


Ease of Application. Immediate Results.

As your Partner, our Align Team will listen to your desired improvements, goals, or challenges.  By taking time to truly understand your Business Strategy , we can tailor solutions specific to your needs.

The Predictive Index® is our first tool deployed to gauge the pulse of the Organization. Utilizing Talent Optimization methodology, we are able to Diagnose, Prescribe solutions, and Design your Organization to deliver results.

Recent Success with our Construction / Fabrication Client yielded:

  • $3.4M savings on Hiring expenditures.
  • Turn-Over Reduction from 28% to less than 4% over 1200 employees.
  • Used Predictive Index's Job Assessment and Job Match to ensure selection of the right candidate to job role.
  • Strategic Hiring with Predictive Index to attract over 300 Exempt Employees, from Entry-Level to COO, in less than Ten months.
  • Succession Planning with Predictive Index quickly identified High Potential Employees within the Organization which gave a head start in developing these individuals into Future Leaders.
  • Predictive Index's Team Analytics,provided a clear view into Senior Leadership Competencies, any fit/gaps or areas of improvement.


Why continue to Lose the War on Talent and have your Leadership defined by P&L.  Contact our Team Today and let's start the journey to leave your Legacy as the One who Changed it All!